Wholesale Hay Sales in North America
wholesale hay sales
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Wholesale Hay and Straw Sources

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horse and livestock hayHay and forage information in video and article format plus national sources of hay for cattle, horses and farm livestock.

Hay for Sale

Buy all types of hay in square bales and round bales from throughout the United States and Canada.

Hay bales that are available are coastal hay, perennial peanut hay, Alfalfa, timothy, t&a, orchard mixes, oat hays, Bermuda hay, Tifton 44, wheat straw, cattle hay, fescue hay, and prairie hay. Coastal 2nd cuttings, 3rd cuttings.

Sell Hay

The hay exchanges listed below are a resource to both buy and sell hay in North America.

Hay Prices

Get the latest weekly hay price trends for your locale.

USDA : US Weekly Hay Market Report

National Hay Exchanges

Fresh from Florida Hay Suppliers

Complete list of Florida hay sellers and phone numbers from all areas of Florida. Call the hay farm directly to confirm availability, days and hours of operation, prices, types and sizes of bales, and transportation requirements.


Hay USA Inc. specializes in long distance domestic shipping of premium horse hay by the semi load. See price charts on the website. Our barns are full year round with premium horse hay from the West coast. California Alfalfa, California Bermuda, Washington and Oregon Timothy (1st and 2nd cutting), and California Sudan and Straw.

National Hay Association

The National Hay Association is made up of people that are involved in the production, sale and transportation of forage products across the United States

Internet Hay Exchange

Hay for sale on the top hay listing and locator website. Over 10,000 hay for sale listings published annually. List your hay for sale or buy hay from all areas of North America.

Tropical Hay - Florida

Top quality Canadian hay. Tropical Selections offers a premium timothy/alfalfa or straight alfalfa to its clients across all of Florida. We provide truck loads, as well as small individual orders.

All Hay - Texas

AllHay.com is proud to bring you the most comprehensive hay supply in the Lone Star State. Searching for Bermuda? Want some Bluestem? How about straw or mixed grass? The various sellers at AllHay.com have got it all.

Hay and Feed Articles

Reducing Losses When Feeding Hay to Beef Cattle

No matter how hay is packaged, if you waste it, you lose money. Here's some easy ways to reduce waste in feeding cattle. Be sure to read this article if you think your hay costs are too high.

Meeting the Nutritional Needs of Cattle with Hay

Several things should be considered when beginning to plan the nutritional program. Hay, along with forage, can provide almost all of the nutrition needs of cattle. The type of forage you choose can make a big difference to the weight gain of cattle.

Beef Cattle Feed, Forage and Nutrition

When feeding cattle what matters most is the nutrients that forage does not provide. Forages often must be supplemented with energy or protein to meet the nutritional needs of cattle.

Stretching Your Horses Hay Supply During Drought

Drought conditions result in poor hay and pasture production and rising feed costs. Often, horse owners are forced to find alternative feed sources to either stretch their limited hay supply, or completely replace it. Here are some ideas on how to augment your hay supplies.

Hay Testing and Forage Standards

Understanding Forage Quality for Cattle

Forage quality is defined in various ways but is often poorly understood. It represents a simple concept, yet encompasses much complexity. Though important, forage quality often receives far less consideration than it deserves. This 21 page document focuses on forage for cattle and cows. Forage for equines is a different matter and is addressed elsewhere.

The National Forage Testing Association

The National Forage Testing Association (NFTA) was founded in 1984 as a joint effort of the American Forage and Grassland Council, the National Hay Association and forage testing laboratories in a concentrated effort to improve the accuracy of forage testing and build grower confidence in testing animal feeds.

American Forage and Grassland Council

The American Forage and Grassland Council (AFGC) is an international organization made up of 20 affiliate councils in the United States and Canada with a total individual membership of about 2,500. Our primary objective is to promote the profitable production and sustainable utilization of quality forage and grasslands.

National Hay Association

The National Hay Association, the national trade association for the U.S. hay industry, works daily within the industry, federal agencies, and the Congress itself to create an environment that benefits hay merchants and the people who depend on hay and straw in their commerce. A non-profit organization, NHA's activities are funded entirely through membership dues. NHA proudly represents hay producers, brokers, dealers and consumers of forage products, as well as disciplines and activities of businesses that provide products and services to the hay industry.

"Improving grassland and pasture management in temperate agriculture" (Burleigh Dodds Series in Agricultural Science Book 51) Kindle Edition

The shift to more intensive livestock systems has put more pressure on grasslands used for pasture. At the same time, there is a greater understanding of the role of grasslands in delivering a range of ecosystems services. This volume reviews the range of research on more sustainable use of grasslands to optimize livestock nutrition whilst protecting biodiversity and delivering a range of broader environmental benefits.

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