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Careers with Horses: The Comprehensive Guide to Finding Your Dream Job


This complete reference book about horse careers and equestrian jobs features more than two hundred potential jobs in the horse industry. From the traditional careers of trainer, farrier, and veterinarian to inventive options such as sports psychologist, author, and marketing specialist, Vicki Hogue-Davies covers it all. Davies opens the reader's eyes to the full scope of potentially satisfying careers by portraying all the pros and cons of these positions. You will learn how to evaluate options according to experience and educations and the best ways to search for jobs. Also, benefit from counsel and guidance to those who aspire to start their own business. Extensive appendices with resources are included for job seekers.

Equestrian Jobs in the USA | FL

Find your next equine job on a comprehensive online listing of equine horse jobs in Florida and throughout the United States. Search jobs including barn managers, trainers, stable hands, and grooms including student and paid intern positions.

Apply online for your dream job in the horse industry.

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