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Florida Horse Show News

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Florida Horse ShowsWellington, Florida

American Horse Show Venues

America features several of the most beautiful and fabled horse show venues in the world including Palm Beach International Equestrian Center, Tryon International Equestrian Center, and the new World Equestrian Center in Ocala, FL.

Here is a directory of the most famous and stunning equestrian centers in America. Its worth planning a trip to these horse palaces, if just to see the flowers.

More Equestrian News from Florida and the Horse World.

Sep 11, 2020
Horse Feeding
Proper Feeding of Horses and Ponies
Best practices for feeding horses and ponies to keep them healthy and in top performance condition. Most horse keepers use a combination of commercial horse feed and hay to feed their horses. More info...

Sep 9, 2020
Equine Vaccination Doís and Doníts
Posted by Corie Traylor
Best practices for making sure your horse gets the disease protection he needs. Do I need to vaccinate my horse against leptospirosis? Does my retiree need the same shots as my performance horse? What happens if they miss a round of vaccines? Determining exactly which vaccines a horse needs can be confusing. More info...

Sep 9, 2020
Everyday Caring for Horses
Horse Care Articles
Current articles regarding issues relating to horse care such as horse health, horse insurance, equine vaccinations, and protecting horses from misquitos. More info...

Sep 8, 2020
Florida Reining Horse Association 2020 SE ARC
Jacksonville Equestrian Center
Florida Reining Association fall show at the Jacksonville Equestrian Center Octobeer 29 - November 1, 2020. Check with the venue in November regarding spectator admission policy. More info...

Sep 8, 2020
Jacksonville Equestrian Center
Show Schedule 2020
Here is a printable horse show schedule for the Jacksonville Equestrian Center.
*Events are not currently open to the public due to Covid.
**Events are always subject to change so please check the Calendar of Events on the website for the most up to date information More info...

Sep 8, 2020
The influence of rider:horse bodyweight ratio and rider‐horse‐saddle fit on equine gait and behaviour: A pilot study
Wiley: Equine Veterinary Education: Tabl...by S. Dyson, A. D. Ellis, R. Mackechnie‐Guire, J. Douglas, A. Bondi, P. Harris / 5h
The effect of rider weight on equine welfare and performance requires further investigation. The objective of this prospective, cross‐over, randomised trial was to assess gait and behavioural responses of horses to riders of similar ability, but different bodyweights. Six nonlame horses in regular work were ridden by each of four riders: Light (L), Moderate (M), Heavy (H) and Very Heavy (VH). Saddle fit was assessed subjectively throughout the study. More info...

Sep 8, 2020
Choosing Forages for Horse Pastures
Posted by Alexandra Beckstett, The Horse Managing Editor
Healthy pastures filled with dense, nutritive grasses can be excellent forage sources for horses. In fact, some horses can meet all their nutrient needs on good-quality pasture alone. The key to establishing good pasture, however, is planting the appropriate forage types. More info...

Aug 23, 2020
Fox Lea Farm Horse Shows
Venice, Florida Hotel Deals
One of Florida's oldest and busiest horse show venues, Fox Lea Farm holds rated jumping shows throughout the year. This beautiful horse show facility is a favorite of participants and spectators alike. More info...

Aug 23, 2020
Avoiding Horse Boarding Disputes
By Julie I. Fershtman, Attorney at Law
Disputes sometimes occur between boarding stables and horse owners. Occasionally, they become lawsuits. From the standpoint of a lawyer who has served boarding and training stables as well as horse owners in these disputes for decades, here are two common disputes and ways that each party can protect themselves. More info...

Aug 23, 2020
3 Top Riders (with Vastly Different Bodies) on Making Your Body Type Work For You
by Sally Spickard
The subject of riding and body type inevitably spurs much discussion, heated and otherwise. Debates about rider weight, rider fitness, and rider height swirl around with opinions ranging across the spectrum. Itís easy to take a scroll through social media and feel somehow lesser than because of our body type. The truth? Every body is a great riding body. More info...

Aug 21, 2020
Barnstaple South
Equestrian Event Schedule
Sitting on 80 acres, Barnstaple South has portable fences, irrigation, ditches, banks, logs, a viewing platform, barns with living quarters and is an event horse training and schooling center located off 145th ave. behind HITS. We welcome all disciplines to train at our facilities. More info...

Aug 17, 2020
Shop for a Car Loan Online
Get the Best Deal
Car dealers make more money by overcharging you on car loans than they do selling cars. Before you go to the dealer, find your next car loan online. You will be able to compare deals by getting four offers from hundreds of desperate lenders who want your business. Car loans have an average life of about three years so car loan lenders have to continuously replace paid off car loans with new loans. Thus they will make you the best offer they can for your car loan.
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More info...

Aug 2, 2020
Horse Tack Online
Save big online and enjoy fast save delivery
There is no better time to take advantage of online tack stores for your horse supplies and riding attire. Many offer free shipping and returns in addition to low prices and huge selections. Browsing these colorful stores is a great way to pass a rainy afternoon and catch up on you equestrian needs. More info...

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