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Palm Beach Polo at Wellington

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Polo At Wellington 2021

Where Else Would You be at 3.00 PM on Sunday Afternoon?

January -  April 2021 every Sunday at 3.00 PM.


Sunday Polo at WellingtonWellington Polo

Polo at Wellington takes hold every January as high goal polo matches are Sunday afternoon's favorite pastime at the International Polo Club in Wellington, Florida.

Gorgeous weather and exciting high goal polo combine to lure fans out every Sunday afternoon at 3.00 pm to meet friends, sip champagne, and munch on fresh strawberries.

Between chukkas serious polo watchers wander out onto the polo field to reset divots torn up by the thundering hooves of ten fearless polo ponies.

Guide to Polo

Watch this entertaining video from CBS explaining the game of polo. It takes just a few minutes, but you will learn all you need to enjoy a polo match.

Tickets and Schedule

Click link below to see schedule and purchase tickets.


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