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Jan 31, 2020
Home Equity Loan - Lowest Rates in Years
Debt Consolidation
Been looking twice at those attractive sounding offers for a debt consolidation loan? Paying off high-interest credit card debt with a home equity loan can help financially troubled families make ends meet. And in some cases the interest on a home equity loan is tax-deductible. More info...

Jan 14, 2020
Florida Horse Show Venues
Florida Horse
Florida's premier horse shows are held at one of several beautiful equestrian horse show facilities throughout Florida. Perhaps the best known shows are at PBIEC in Wellington, home of the Winter Equestrian Festival, (WEF), The Global Dressage Festival (GDF) and International High Goal Polo. More info...

Jan 13, 2020
Hotels Near Hits Ocala
Ocala, Florida
Get the best deals for hotels near Hits Ocala horse shows during the 2020 show season. Reserve now for the best prices. More info...

Jan 13, 2020
Ocala Horse Feed and Hay
Ocala, Florida
Hay stores in Ocala sell coastal hay, perennial peanut hay, alfalfa hay, timothy alfalfa, T&A, timothy, orchard, Tifton 44, and T&O. Most hay is available in square bales, and coastal hay is also available in round bales. Check with the feed store about delivery and large quantity discounts.

More info...

Jan 12, 2020
Ocala is Calling
Fabulous Ocala
More info...

Jan 12, 2020
WEF Wellington Show Schedule 2020
Wellington Horse Show
Here is the twelve-week schedule of Wellington Winter Equestrian Festival horse shows in 2020. More info...

Dec 14, 2019
Trailer Hitches Installed at U-Haul
Fast, guaranteed service
U-Haul sells and installs all types of trailer hitches for kinds all vehicles and will guarantee their work and the hitch for a lifetime. Since there are thousands of U-Haul locations throughout North America, finding one near you is as easy a clicking on the link below. Make an appointment online now. More info...

Nov 30, 2019
5 Ways to Encourage Bare Hooves on Horses
Horseshoe-free hoof proponents can be very enthusiastic and are often devoutly committed to the theory of “natural is best.”

Often, natural is best. However, shaming people for putting shoes on their horses doesn’t fix anything, nor does discrediting farriers who are just trying to help keep horses sound.

The reasons for the prevalence of shoeing in modern horses is more complicated than many assume. It is rarely a simple issue of horse owners “being lazy” about their horse’s hoof care, nor is it about farriers trying to extract more money by putting shoes on every horse. (In fact, many farriers prefer trims because they’re faster, easier on the body, and require less supplies). More info...


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