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Horse Transport

Get local, national, and international horse transport quotes. Make sure your carrier is licensed by the DOT for interstate travel and is properly insured. Horse insurance companies require certain safety standards to protect your horse. Also check customer ratings to see how their horses were treated before, during, and after shipping.

Busy Season

With the winter show season in Florida and California, horse transportation will be in high demand. Make arrangements for your equine transportation services as soon as possible since resources will be stretched thin for all equestrians.

American Horse Carriers Association

The American Horse Carriers Association has a mission to promote safe and efficient horse transportation. The American Horse Carriers Association member's share ideas on providing quality horse shipping.

International Quarantine Services

The shipping agents are very familiar with the paperwork required for importation and arranging transportation for the horses. They often decide on the facility that best meets your horse's needs. USDA Code of Quarantine.

Also, check with the requirements of your horse insurance policy as to coverage during international transport.

Safety During Transport

For your horses safety and comfort during shipping, a padded shipping halter is recommended. Many horse owners also like to use horse shipping boots during shipping to prevent inadvertent injuries while the horse is in close quarters.

Seven tips to help keep your horse healthy when traveling.

Horse Transport

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