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Aug 8, 2018
Bluffers' guide to vaulting at WEG
Tryon 2018
canter on a circle at least 15m in diameter.

There are four different competitions in the WEG vaulting — male and female individual, pas de deux and squad.
The male and female individual competitions start with a compulsory competition, in which the vaulters perform eight set movements. This is followed by a 60sec freestyle to music. These two events make up round one.

Only the top 15 after round one go through to the next two competitions, which form round two. There is a technical test — again this is a 60 sec freestyle to music but it has to include five specific moves which are individually scored and show ability in each of the following five areas: jump force, timing and rhythm, suppleness, balance and strength. More info...

Aug 8, 2018
Bluffers’ guide to reining at WEG
Tryon 2018
What does it involve?
Reining is fast-paced and adrenalin pumping. It shows off the athletic ability and movements commonly used by ranch-type horses who are used to work cattle.

At WEG, each rider has to ride one of 10 approved patterns in an arena. There are around seven movements that must be shown including 360-degree spins, sliding stops, flying changes, small and slow canter circles plus bigger, faster canter circles. Riders only have one hand on the rein and the contact is loose — their seat does the majority of the work — and each movement must be smooth, controlled and have finesse.
More info...

Aug 8, 2018
Bluffers’ guide to showjumping at WEG
Tryon 2018
What’s the format?
Run over a total of six days (with one rest day), the team champion is decided after three rounds of jumping (x, x and x September). The top individual riders then go on to a final qualifier (x September), after which the top four compete in a horse-swapping challenge — unique to WEG — to decide the medals on Sunday, x September.

In this final, the four competitors have just three minutes in a “schooling area” within the main arena in which to get used to each horse and do two practice fences before jumping a round. More info...

Aug 8, 2018
Bluffers’ guide to dressage at WEG
Tryon 2018
On 14 September the best 30 individual combinations from the grand prix will contest the grand prix special, which is another set test. If there is a tie for 30th placed, all those combinations qualify.

If all four riders from one team qualify for the special, they are all permitted to take part. This test decides the first set of individual medals.

Finally, on 16 September, the best 15 riders from the special — including any tied for 15th place — contest the freestyle, or kür. A maximum of three riders from any one nation are permitted in the kür. The results of this test decide the second and final set of individual medals in the WEG dressage competition.

Riders start with a clean sheet in both the special and the freestyle. Results from previous rounds of the competition are not brought forwards. More info...

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