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Florida Horse Show News

World Class Florida Hotels

And when you come to Florida for the horses, stay at a fabulous hotel on the Atlantic Ocean or Gulf of Mexico. Play some golf, charter a fishing boat, and finish your day at a great sea food restaurant or steak house.

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International Horse Shows

Florida Horse ShowsFlorida hosts the major international horse shows during the winter and spring seasons, featuring WEF and GDF in Wellington. Over the course of ten weeks, show jumping, dressage, and polo prevail as the equestrian world soaks up the incomparable South Florida winter climate.

Further up state is Ocala where the HITS Ocala horse shows reign supreme during the winter months, featuring a $1 million grand prix.

Florida Horse Show Venues

In addition to Wellington and Ocala, Florida has many other important horse shows venues throughout the state. These equestrian locations support rated dressage shows, eventing, and show jumping trials throughout the year.

American Horse Show Venues

America features several of the most beautiful and fabled horse show venues in the world. Here is a directory of the most famous equestrian centers in America.

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