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Horseback Trail Riding Videos

Learn Basic Trail Riding Skills

trail riding videosLearn from this series of free Trail Riding videos to help with those special situations that arise with trail riding. Learn how to picket or hobble your horse for overnight stays on the trail. Watch these free videos before your next trail ride.

Does and Don'ts of Horseback Trail Riding

Safe trail riding depends on knowing these does and don'ts of trail riding. Watch this four minute video to learn these simple steps to safety on the trail.

How to Set up a Picket Line for Horses.

These equestrian training video demonstrates how to picket a horse using picket stakes.

How to Set Up a Horse High Line.

Video shows how to make a horse high line and also how to tie a truckers hitch to properly space the horses along the line.

How to Hobble Train a Horse

Hobble training your horse can help the horse understand and handle having their feet restricted. This is an advanced type of sacking out technique. It can save and help a horse not hurt them self if they get caught up in wire, fencing or other things.

Horse packing video

Learn how to pack your horse for the trail. Watch this step by step video on horse packing the right way. Includes directions on building the pack in a waterproof tarp and placing the packs on horse pack saddle.

How to Pony a Horse

Leading a horse on a trail ride requires experience of both the horse and rider. That experience comes from hours of practice in the arena before attempting ponying on the trail.

Trail Tips from Parelli

Watch this informative video by Parelli that will help keep you and your horse safe during your trail riding adventures. Parelli Natural Horsemanship’s goal is to help raise the level of horsemanship for the benefit of horses and the people ride them.

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