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Horse Pickets, High Lines, and Hobbles

Keeping Your Horse Safe When Overnight Camping

horse high lineWhen you are on an horseback trail overnight trail ride or just stopping for an extended rest, picket lines and hobbles can provide you with a safe, easy way to graze your horses along the trail.

High Horse Line

A horse high line involves tying horses at intervals along a rope line strung high between two trees or poles. Since the line is above the horses head it allows the horses to move about on the tether.

The rope of choice for a high line is fifty feet of 3/8-inch multi-filament polypropylene as it is strong, light and does not absorb water.

Watch this Horse High Line video to learn more.

Using a Picket Stakehorse tethered to picket stake

As and alternative to a high line, a picket stake can be driven in the ground and the horse tied to the swivel on the top of the stake.

Watch this Picketing a Horse video to learn more.

horse hobble ropeHobbling a Horse

Another choice for keeping horse from wandering too far away is the use of a hobble. Hobbles tie the horses front two feet together so the horse can take small steps but cannot run away. Horses must be carefully trained before using a hobble.

Hobbles come in leather, nylon and variations featuring fleece linings.

Watch this How to Hobble Train a Horse Video to learn more.

For your safety and the safety and comfort of your horses in the backcountry, it is best to first accustom your ponies to the horse picket line and hobbles at home.

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