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Horse Grooming Tips and Videos

How to Groom Your Show and Performance Horse

Watch Jessie show you how to groom your show horse from head to hoof. A little patience and a lot of know how will bring your horse up to show quality.

Horse Grooming Tips

Feb 14, 2019
40 Horse Grooming Tips
Preparing for Horse Shows
The popular saying, “you never get a second chance to make a good first impression,” is very true when it comes to showing your horse. Whether you are showing in halter or under saddle, your entrance into the arena is the moment that the judge gives you his undivided attention to make his initial assessment. When you come into the ring, the first thing the judge will notice is your horse’s overall appearance and presentation. This is your best chance to wow the judge. More info...

Jul 16, 2014
Summer Horse Grooming Care
by Ashley Snell
While it’s a priority to look pristine during the show circuit summer months, grooming is also important for health and comfort. Whether it’s a lazy day in the pasture, or your horse is active with training and riding, the summer grooming care you provide is essential. Proper care helps to increase your horse’s comfort when the sun is bright and the temperatures are on the rise. It also protects your horse’s coat and skin from irritating conditions. Use these grooming tips to keep your horse comfortable and healthy throughout the summer. More info...

Jun 19, 2014
Basic Horse Grooming Guide
Horse Grooming
Horse grooming tools come in an assortment of styles and types, with each designed for specific tasks. Selecting the right tools for your grooming kit will depend on both your and your horse's preferences.

Grooming helps improve horses' skin and coat condition and allows us to identify any unusual injuries, skin conditions, or behavioral changes. And grooming before riding is an important way to prevent irritation caused by dirt and debris trapped under tack. Additionally, research shows grooming can serve as a bonding experience for horse and human and produces marked relaxation in both. More info...

Oct 24, 2013
How to Groom a Horse
By Jayne D. Wilson
Here's How:

Gather your grooming kit, containing hoofpick, curry comb, stiff- and soft-bristled brushes, comb and towel and prepare a safe grooming area.
Put a halter on the horse and secure him in crossties or tether him in your grooming area using a quick release knot.
Pick up each hoof in turn and, using a hoof pick, remove all dirt and debris from the hooves, checking for loose shoes and lost nails.
With curry in one hand and a stiff-bristled brush in the other, begin behind the ears and brush the entire coat to remove dirt. More info...

Oct 24, 2013
Healthy Horse Grooming Tips for Winter
Maintain your horse's health and haircoat this winter with these cold-weather grooming tips.
Once Mother Nature has clothed your horse in his winter haircoat, weight loss, wounds and skin infections are harder to recognize than when his coat was short and slick. Here are some tips that'll help you uncover--and prevent--problems through the winter.

Maintain Skin Health
Most winter skin conditions result from a dirty haircoat, which gives bacteria and fungi a foothold. Keep your horse's skin healthy by vigorously currying his body daily. More info...


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