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Q:Where can I find accurate information on caring for my horse?

A: Below are are hundreds of articles and videos with tips on taking care of your horses.  Articles include washing, grooming, exercising and training your horses.

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Feb 14, 2019
Horse Riding in the Sun
Protect you and your horse from the sun and heat
Most horse riders have to endure whatever the weather brings, cold and wet or hot and humid, horse and pony lovers are out there. When it is set to be hot you need to give some thought about how to protect yourself (and your horse) from the sun.

If you are wearing correct riding clothes your skin will be mostly covered and safe from sunburn. The long sleeves which will protect your skin from grazing should you fall will also protect you from the sun`s rays. Your helmet will also protect your head.
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Nov 4, 2017
Consider Equine Insurance Before You Have An Emergency
Insurance for Horse People
Imagine a cold, wet night in February. You’ve been walking your horse for hours, watching as your veterinarian treats him for an increasingly painful colic episode. Things aren’t improving, and the vet asks you “Is surgery an option for you?” More info...

Oct 17, 2017
Pasture Management 101: Drought, Excess Rain, and Erosion
By Hope Ellis-Ashburn, MS
Since pasture development and renovation can be expensive endeavors, owners can and should take steps to ensure that fields continue to thrive. Environmental factors, in particular, can impact pasture quality.

For example, during times of drought, grasses might become dormant or die altogether, allowing weeds (sometimes toxic) to take their place. Overgrazing can make this even worse. More info...

Oct 17, 2017
Measuring Your Horse for A Horse Blaket Video
Blanket weather is coming! If your horse has grown, changed shape or you just want to be absolutely certain you’re getting the right size this year, don’t miss this helpful video from SmartPak. More info...

Oct 16, 2017
Ask the Vet: Time to Retire
Dr. Lydia Gray
How do you know when it's time for your horse to retire, and what's the best way to manage a retired horse?

Ask the Vet: Time to Retire
How do you know when it's time for your horse to retire, and what's the best way to manage a retired horse?

Senior Horse in a Pasture

Q: What are some signs that your horse needs to retire? What type of life style can you create for a retired horse if you don't have grass pastures?

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